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Steve's journal
April 22nd, 2018 
Exercises for sore or injured shoulders

Exercises that allow you to gradually roll back the negative consequences of a shoulder trauma or age-related problems with shoulder joints and ligaments.
When done on the regular basis, reduce pain and restore shoulder functions to full extent.
FREE, but please, do not copy.

Exercises for sore or injured shoulders

How it all began? First, I wanted to replace a small part in a model. A trak segment, perhaps - I do not remember. I used couple of approaches, and at some point, after I got another ugly failure, that haven't had a single straight line, I thought "if only I had a 3d printer!"

Then, just out of curiocity, I looked up models and prices in the Internet.

I expected prices to start at 50 K... Well... There are printers that cost that much. However, the "entry level" prices began at 200. Dollars, not thousands. And I suddenly realized, that I want one of those toys for myself.

And yes, it looked complicated at the beginning. But few weeks later I was able to make improvements, and it was (and still is) fun.
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