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Steve's journal
April 12th, 2018 
07:06 pm(no subject)
The Story

Origin: https://back.snowcron.com

It all started with the construction accident and was, frankly, 100% my fault. At that time I was quite a martial artist, I was in an exellent shape and had - or so I believed - no reasons to worry about physical danders. Well, I was wrong.

In less than two seconds it all changed, I got couple of disk ruptures and a fracture in a knee meniscus. Sports? Forget about it. As my doctor said, "from now on, you should be very careful even when tying shoelaces". And he meant it.

Lucky me, I didn't listen.

There are seven billions people on the face of this planet, I thought. Sure enough some of them have faced the same problem, right? Also undoubtedly, some of them failed defeating the problem; but what if someone succeeded? All I have to do is to find a role model...

To be continued...
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