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Steve's journal
Reprap 3d Printer: DIY 
22nd-Apr-2018 07:47 pm

How it all began? First, I wanted to replace a small part in a model. A trak segment, perhaps - I do not remember. I used couple of approaches, and at some point, after I got another ugly failure, that haven't had a single straight line, I thought "if only I had a 3d printer!"

Then, just out of curiocity, I looked up models and prices in the Internet.

I expected prices to start at 50 K... Well... There are printers that cost that much. However, the "entry level" prices began at 200. Dollars, not thousands. And I suddenly realized, that I want one of those toys for myself.

And yes, it looked complicated at the beginning. But few weeks later I was able to make improvements, and it was (and still is) fun.
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