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17th-Oct-2034 01:46 pm - Top Message
This is a top message. I am going to read comments to it, sometimes. So - if you want to leave a message - this is the place.
25th-Nov-2013 06:52 pm - Don't cry "crisis!"
Crisis outside. The world is coming to it's end. We know for sure. So... what should we, simple folks, do?

I mean, leaving the usual advises about year's supply of beans, salt, matches and gun ammo - let us be serous.

So... In stock trading, there is such a term as "short". It means selling a commodity BEFORE you bought it, in order to make money on its decline. What does it have to do with our post? Think profit. One can use the decline (crisis, it is) to make an actual profit, if he knows how.

Here is another metaphor. Storks, as any birds, have mating games, and sometimes male storks fight. Being civilized, they do not fight to death; rather it all ends when one of participants realizes that he is loosing. To surrender, he assumes a submissive posture, and the fight ends.

However, there are different species of storks, not only they look (slightly) different, but also they do not have a submissive posture. They run away instead, and that approach works as well as the first one.

Unless the fight happens between storks belonging to different species, in which case the slight difference becomes a deadly trap. I saw it in a zoo, in a cage where some "bright" guy managed to put two male storks. Well, as soon as one of the fighters assumes a submissive posture, he is dead. Dead - because his opponent has no idea that the fight is over, and he keeps attacking his opponent, expecting him to flee or resist.

Flee, what can be easier! But the wrong instinct makes the stork to stay on the ground, and to not move. The stronger the attack, the less he moves, expecting it to stop... Which it does not.

In psychology we call it a behavioral strategy, something we do in response to the outside events, automatically.

A friend of mine is married (TM). He has a strategy (yes it is from nlp.snowcron.com) to become quiet whenever he is upset. While his wife has just an opposite strategy: whenever she is upset, she complains, directing her aggression towards the person she is upset with. So whenever they have a conflict, it turns into a scandal. Not because she is bad and he is an angel, no. Just because her strategy provokes his strategy, and his strategy provokes her strategy. And there is no psychotherapist around to point it out to them.

What do you mean "what does it have to do with the crisis?" Remember short sales? We all have our strategies of extracting the profit from the world around us. And, as we got these strategies during the times of economical growth, it works well only during so-called good times.

And it fails miserably when the crisis strikes but, just like that poor stupid stork, we keep applying a poor and damaging behavior over and over again.

"A company takes losses". Think about it. NLP - "L" means "linguistic". It is all about language. "It takes". Just like that stork. Why would it take it? Why wouldn't it change the model of behavior if the old one (obviously) does not work?

Of course there is a counter argument that the business is all about using loans/credits, they are harder and harder to get, the business is getting hurt... See above. It hurts - do something differently.

Start looking for clients, start changing the business model. Or just stop, after all, in stock trading you can buy, sell and (most of the time) you can just "stay away".

It is all about our flexibility. About a simple realization that the strategy is not who we are, it is just what we use. A tool.

Example? Sure. Let's go online and google up "California Silver Lake Real Estate". For those of you who do never seen it: it is a paradise, a clean lake surrounded by mountains. Average price of a house - one million dollars. But due to the crisis we can see some foreclosures, and the price of a construction lot is... eight thousand dollars (for the time I wrote it). Use it. No. A company would rather take losses.

We can be sheep and be scared to death: "wolves! wolves!" Or we can be wolves and in this case your primary worries will be about not eating too much. Crisis after all, it is when free food is running around, scared.

Your choice.

Also, you can become a shepherd...
25th-Nov-2013 02:56 pm - Positive feedback for dummies
Here is a simple positive feedback loop that can be used as an illustration in elementary school.

We will need an oxen. Being a violent creature, it usually has a ring in its nose, that serves as a handle.

We will also need a dog; dogs run fast and they are also afraid of large violent animals.

We are going to tie the dog's leash to the ring.

After that step is completed, the system can spontaneously enter a self-perpetuating state, where the dog runs, pulling the ring in the oxen's (sensitive) nose, forcing it to run after the dog... etc.

Important note: the dog should have no owner to run to for a protection, unless, of course, it is the owner you are after :)

Note: this text is intended as a joke, no animal was injured or otherwise traumatized during the testing.

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14th-Oct-2009 01:47 pm - Google rules :)
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,400,000,000 for self organizing map. (0.34 seconds)

Let me repeat: one BILLION four hundred millions... Oh.
10th-Oct-2009 11:39 pm - Cortex now supports Kohonen networks
A new version of Cortex is available. Same reg. codes.
New articles on the site: tutorials and ref. guide on language.

Please keep in mind, that some functions changed (minor), this means, you need to backup your data before updating.

Also, I have fixed (or so I think) some problems in FFBP scripts, results are now better.

Good luck.

P.S. SOM (Kohonen) are kind of a puzzle for mee, I am still not sure how to better use them. You can post suggestions here :)
29th-Aug-2009 06:54 pm - Cortex now supports plugins
Well... Cortex now supports plugins :)
A plugin is a third party DLL, and by following simple rules (see cortex.snowcron.com/scripting.htm#plugin) you can call this DLL's functions from Slang scripting language.

It allows you to create fast (written on low level languages) functions of your own.

If you have something to share (Cortex, not just anything :), just post it in this forum, with tags "cortex" and "plugin".

This is a new feature, and as usual, I appreciate comments and bug reports.

A known problem is the names conflict: if you have two plugins containing functions with same names, results are unpredictable. I am opened for suggestions.
7th-Jun-2009 04:34 pm - Cortex: new version available
In addition to things listed in an email below, I tested all scripts.
7th-Jun-2009 10:15 am - Revisiting Cortex
Hi all.
I have got some time, so I will revisit Cortex.

New version will be posted soon.

First bug I found was in the GENZ.NN in samples - the "reverse" checkbox was not set.
I think, the rest on NNs in samples may have similar problem

The idea of "reverse" is a bit obsolete, as it came from the "before scripting language" time. I was using Yahoo as the source of stock quotes, and they were providing data in the reverse order (first row of a table corresponding to latest data). The checkbox reverses the data array.

Note, that it only works for current tab in the NN dialog box, so if you want data to be reversed on the next tab, set the checkbox there as well.

Alternatively, use scripting to set your data straight, which means earlier data first and latest data later:


instead of



Second bug fixed, that was preventing sample_nn_02.tsc from running.


Added validity check, so that we cannot use invalid file handle in file operations.


TABLE_LOADER used to look for start pattern equal to the whole line and end pattern CONTAINED in the line. Now both start and end patterns can be part of a line. Example: 12345 is part of 123456: match. Before, start line had to be 123456.


A properly working code for Timer is added: see script_ref.htm for details.


Bug fixed in forex_nn_01.tsc

17th-Dec-2008 11:03 am - Fixing bugs
New version of Cortex available

A bug was fixed. First, it was preventing the user from drawing chart from Input tab, second, it was creating an erratic behaviour when stopping/restarting learning of NN.

The situation when MSFT example does not converge, fixed.

17th-Nov-2008 03:04 pm - New version of Cortex
Some bugs fixed. As usual, reg. code is the same as before.
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